• "" Classy Brella™ - Moms Are Born To Lead Inspirational Umbrella



    • Golf Size Wide 46 inch arc
    • Automated umbrella with aluminum frame
    • Comfortable grip handle
    • Design: Moms Are Born To Lead
    • Available Colors: Black, Light Pink, Blue
      Product Size: 46 Inch
      Box Weight: 1 lbs
      Packaging: 1
      Material: Polyester

    Classy Brella's "Moms Are Born to Lead" women umbrella is perfect for every mom that does it all. This umbrella is meant to inspire all mom around the globe and therefore, it's not just for the rain, sun or snow. It's for inspiration too.

    Classy Brella gives every woman a new platform to spread joy & laughter, inspiration and motivation to all thru our classic classy umbrellas.

    Who knew that rain could be so much fun?